Introducing The Teams



Alpine Addicts is a group from BC's Lower Mainland. Members include Danny Smith, Symon Kirchner, Brothers Steve & Ray Wiens and Guests. Between us we share a love of all forms of hunting, from chasing cats and bears with hounds to getting into remote back country wilderness areas searching for mountain sheep...we look to take advantage of all that BC's wilderness has to offer.



We are Team BTH -4 guys that are passionate about the outdoors and very proud of our hunting heritage. We are following in our fathers and grandfathers footsteps and we cherish our time hunting with our families. We thrive on the challenge of capturing wild game in their natural habitat and being able to tell our hunting stories through the lens of a camera. Our goal is to show our diversity, commitment and dedication through this exciting opportunity. We are Born To Hunt.



We are four dedicated outdoorsman. Allan and Ron have owned and operated a caribou outfitting business for fourteen years in Northern Manitoba. Paul and Phil share our passion for hunting, filming our hunts and telling our stories for others to know what Manitoba hunting truly has to offer. We enjoy chasing black bear, Elk, Whitetail, Moose and of course Caribou with our bows. All four of us have been hunting since a very a young age, the heritage passed down to us by our fathers.



Darktimber Outdoors consists of five friends: Adam Scott, Mitch Lilley, Graham Mihaychuk and brothers Ryan and Randy Monk round out the team nicely. Our company was founded in the passion we all share for hunting Big game in Archery and Rifle season on crown land in Alberta's mountain passes to the plains and wanting to share that with our fans. Our time in the bush spent with friends and family is more important than the animal taken at the end of any trip.



Love the outdoors, from the snow covered peak to the wettest river bottoms. We will be there waiting for the opportunity, hoping for the chance of a lifetime .If we're not hunting, we're planning our next hunt. We are grateful for this opportunity to showcase our hunts and capture us just being us .Family and friends, this team of four look forward to a great season of fun and adventure.



Watching our videos you will see we wear our passion on our sleeves. All our footage is shot in real time.
We don't pre-record footage nor do we go back and re-shoot scenes. We are two normal everyday folks just like you who have a huge passion for hunting….

No smoke and mirrors here. Real life in real time, we are ……….. "The Real Deal".